Air Compression Leg Massager

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B.G. (Los Angeles, US)
A Joy To Use

My husband has poor circulation and is very concerned about blood clots in his legs. He uses this while watching TV in the evening and really enjoys the experience. It feels like a nice massage with different compression strengths and heat options. Currently, he only uses the bottom wraps, but it comes with wraps for the thighs which you can easily attach and control separately or in combination with the bottoms.

T.G.J. (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing leg massager.

I really enjoyed using this Leg Massager with Heat for Circulation and Air Compression. I have sever cramps in my legs and thighs which have not been easy to deal with. This massager really helped relieve some of the tension with the as the air compression sooths the muscles. The remote makes it very easy to select the heating level along with the 6 compression/massage mode. The wraps are adjustable and make it very easy to put on. I highly recommend this RENPHO Leg Massager with Heat for Circulation and Air Compression Massaging.


Improves blood circu

lation, relieves muscle

pain, swelling,


  • Pneumatic Device
  • Knee Heating
  • Safe & Effective
  • Portable, Powerful, Reusable
  • 3 Massage Modes
  • 3 Massage Intensities


  • This full leg circulation massager for legs and

feet delivers powerful relief and treatment for the

whole leg, foot, and knees. For lymphatic draina

ge, restless leg syndrome, cramping, hamstrings,

varicose veins, cellulitis.

  • The air compression leg and foot massager has

big airbags inside, which can massage more

areas on feet and calves, to relieve fatigue and

improve blood circulation.

  • The leg and foot circulation massager has knee

heating massage available, you also can turn it

off separately.

  • The foot and leg air massager has 3 Massage

Modes with a total of 9 kinds of massage techni

ques and methods available, providing different

massage experiences and meet different usage

scenarios and needs.

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How to fix error code1004 on Superbox?

For Token 1004, the tech suggest that you have to restart your network

Can you play App Games on this TV box?

Yes, but we don't recommend playing big RAM games that let the TV box overheat. The primary purpose of this TV box is for entertainment streaming. If you would enjoy gaming, we recommend NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro.

You can see the channel and show listing but the channels are all black screens, nothing loads?

You may reboot your SuperBOX and router. Then try to forget the network and then connect again to your Wifi network.

Can you install netflix on superbox?

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