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SuperBox S2 Pro unable to turn on

When your SuperBox S2 Pro is unable to turn on, firstly forward the issue to your seller. If you happen to have a TF Card and a Card Reader, then you can try burning IMG Files to resetting the SuperBox S2 Pro. Follow the tutorial to reset your SuperBox S2 Pro.

In regards to the Android Recovery issue, it seems to be a problem with the android system. If this is an S2 Pro, there's only one way to address this if the SuperBOX S2 Pro is unable to turn on or boot at all. However, it may require a replacement as our last resort if it doesn't work. Please watch the video for troubleshooting (please make sure to read the description), though it's actually technical.
Here it is: 
SuperBox S2 Pro Tutorial: Burning IMG Files to Solve Unable to Boot Issue

Hope this helps!