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Superbox S3 Pro
Ron B. (Port Orange, US)
Love it

Works great with no problems. Would definitely recommend. I am going to purchase a second unit for my bedroom 👍🏻

Superbox S3 Pro
Sherman W. (Linthicum Heights, US)
Excited about TV again

SuperBox put the excitement back in TV entertainment; no more blah, blah shows, movies, sports, and best of all, no fees; so now I have three! S3 Pro with voice control and the mini keyboard easily makes it the best box on the market!! Now I not only have local networks but regional news and weather, super easy to set up. I personally recommended to friends, they think I am a spokesperson.

Superbox S2 Pro (Milwaukee, US)
Best investment

I love this box ever since I heard of it I thought it was a scam but it’s really ain’t good investment and best cable you can ever asked for in lifetime

Superbox S2 Pro
John C. (Irvine, US)
Get this superbox s2 pro with the bundle and you will be glad you did!

This superbox s2 pro was easy to setup and you get all the channels: TV shows, latest movies, all the premium cable channels, and news! It’s awesome!

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Superbox S2 Pro
Frank N. (Central, HK)
Wow....... real live tv, movies, tv series for FREE........... Love it!!

I am a super fan of all kinds of Android tv boxes for years since 2016, and I can say that this model is absolutely the best, easiest and user-friendly device I have ever owned. I am getting more while I can because this is honestly too good to be true, real live tv. I took pics to show y'all the home screen and the app drawer actually is. Clear as day, no buffering at all ever. No links to select, type n movie or show, it comes up, u press play, it plays. I haven't even had to use customer service yet, actually. I own a jailbroken Nvidia shield as well; I bought these both around the same time. The Nvidia was crap. In fact, I'm returning it and will use the refund to buy another one of the super box s2 pro. So if you're on the fence about this, I feel you, but this is legit... I am not paid or received any discounts to leave this review either, but I like it so much I would do it for free. Good looking out, Superbox, you nailed it.

Awesome! Thank your for your words! Your feedback motivates us!

Superbox S2 Pro
Jack B.B. (Central, HK)
No big cable bills anymore. Thanks.

I have been using superbox for about 3 weeks now. I had no idea about android boxes before purchasing this Superbox. This is a remarkable box and was super easy to setup. I would recommend this box to anyone that will listen. Strongly I would suggest you drop cable and start enjoying easy TV.

Superbox S2 Pro
Patrick N. (Central, HK)
Best investment ever!

Got it yesterday. Superbox works exactly as they wrote here. I don't need to pay for cable again from now. I am happy.

Superbox S2 Pro
Joey P. (Osaka, JP)
It really works five star

The super box was as advertised. The super clear picture I believe it's better than my Direct TV. Text support answers almost immediately. I had a minor issue and worked it out.
If you have a Wi-Fi signal, you will not need an antenna. Plug this in, hook it up to the HDMI on the box and TV, and it is entirely ready to go immediately.

Awesome! Thank your for your words! Your feedback motivates us!

Superbox S2 Pro
Vincent S. (Osaka, JP)
Love this box!!!

It converted my old tv into a beautiful android tv with all movies and tv channels. I wish they had a better remote inside the package. Anyway, I bought that beautiful keyboard + air mouse remote from here. It is a way better one.

Thank your for your support Vincent!

Superbox S2 Pro
Michael W. (Osaka, JP)
10 stars

This box has everything that I love to watch. Neatly listed. I love having this superbox with me.

Thank your for your support, Sir!

Superbox S2 Pro
John (Osaka, JP)
best friend's birthday gift!

Vow.. Never expected this quality. Now I can watch my games all day. Super responsive customer service. Well, thanks for suggesting to buy the wireless keyboard air mouse just so easy type search and works with super box like a charm. Getting 2 more for my family.

Thanks for the support, Epifanio!

Superbox S2 Pro
Joe T. (Montreal, CA)

Excellent box by far the best tv box

Thank your for your feedback :)

Superbox S2 Pro
Robert l. (Orillia, CA)
Great box

This box is the best I have had. I have 3 other boxes but the superbox 2 is the best

Thank you for your feedback :)

Superbox S2 Pro
Mike B. (Minneapolis, US)
Best Android tv box EVER!!!!! EVERYTHING ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Been buying Android tv boxes for yrs, since 2015 and this is absolutely the best, easiest and user friendly device I have ever owned, I am getting more while I can because thise is honestly to gud to be true, real live tv y'all!! Premium cable channels no b.s. Don't ask me how, I just know it works like a M.F.!! Fo real.. I took pics to show y'all how small it actually is, I took a video to show y'all me watching a TV show.. Clear as day, no buffering at all ever.. No links to select, type n movie or show, it comes up, u press play, it plays.. Haven't even had to use customer service yet actually.. I own a jailbroken Nvidia shield as well, bought these both around the same time, the Nvidia was crap, in fact I'm returning it and will use the refund to buy another one of the superbox 2.. If your on the fence about this I feel you, but, this is legit... I am not paid to leave this review either but I like it so much I would do it for free, good looking out Superbox!

Thank you very much for the feedback, Mike!

Superbox S2 Pro
Chris A. (Chicago, US)
Best box put there

I've tried several different types of TV boxes. All seemed lacking something or they had to constantly be reprogrammed. I gave the superbox a try cause a friend had such great things to say about it. Now that I've gotten a chance to try it out he was right about it. Super easy to setup and is pretty much plug and play. So much to watch on this box you will never get bored with it. The other bonus is their customer service really is 24/7. I've had a couple questions when I first received it and they respond right away. Wish would have skipped buying all tge other types of boxes a long time ago and got tge superbox. Telling ya it's worth every dollar. Dont bother with anything else

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Superbox S2 Pro
Rush D. (Utica, US)

I like to see Seria A dhe Bundesliga

Please search 'SuperSports' on Blue TV

Superbox S2 Pro
George (New Taipei, TW)
Easy to setup, channels and movies are available as promise!

I have been waiting for the order for while, but it finally arrived yesterday. The customer service is very patient and helpful. The setup takes a few minutes after the box is unlocked.


Easy to use, wireless keyboard with touch pad

I got it a week ago. The lights are wonderful, so I can type in the dark while I watching TV. It works both on the tv box and my laptop. I would suggest it to anyone.

Thank you for your feedback!

Superbox S2 Pro
Steven (Seoul, KR)
Very easy to install and use. Would recommend it for anyone who wants to get rid of cable

My friend bought Superbox S1 Pro a year ago, so he recommends me to get a Superbox to get rid of the cable fee. I receive the box yesterday, everything is the same as the promotion says. I like that I can have a place to keep all of my apps in one convenient place. I don't have so my interruptions as I had before like other android devices. I also love the fact that you just need to install the bluetv and bluevod, no need to log into any app or channel.
Definitely one of the best buys I have made. This keeps my box in a convenient place on the back of the tv.

Thx for your support!

Superbox S2 Pro
Admin (New Taipei, TW)
Amazing box,easy to setup

The TV part of my cable bill got raised again and was $130+ for just TV . I saw this on Youtube, it reviews how good is this box. I was skeptical at first. AMAZING, it actually works! Delivery was quick, set up was simple. Very happy! High Recommend.

Thx Felix!

Superbox S3 Pro
Simon R. (Dunedin, US)
Thumbs up

I already had an S2 and ordered the new S3 for second TV. Works great. Connected wirelessly through wifi at other end on condo. Have experienced no buffering issues.

Thanks Smion!

Superbox S2 Pro
Hector A. (Mastic, US)
Had the Original, #2 just as awesome

Superbox thus far is superb. Keeps customers informed of service maintanence. With the exception of some freeze ups and channel rebooting which is expected with streaming Superbox is A++

Superbox S2 Pro
Enrique R. (Bakersfield, US)


Superbox S2 Pro
Lisa H. (Roseville, US)

Superbox S2 Pro

Superbox S2 Pro
Jon B. (Chicopee, US)

Superbox S2 Pro