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Superbox s2 Pro Troubleshooting

Superbox S2 Pro troubleshooting

If you come across any problem during watching, you can reach our 24/7 technical support directly through the (Customer Service Gear Icon) from the home page.

  1. If you are experiencing some issues on the Live TV or even the VOD section, the first thing that we may try is to fully reboot the SuperBOX by turning it off using the remote control (this includes unplugging and re-plugging the device). You may also try to check your internet connection. We strongly suggest using the Wi-Fi connection instead of ethernet if you're using one, as the SuperBOX works better with Wi-Fi.
  2. If you are experiencing some buffering at this point, specifically on VOD, please try and do the following steps:
    1. Open the VOD app
    2. Go to the Settings tab
    3. From there, please select the icon next to the "Decode" option
    4. There will be three options, then please try each of the other options other than the one currently chosen on Decode (then relaunch VOD)
  3. If it doesn't work, please do a factory reset by going to the "Reset TV Box" option in the Settings (gear icon) from the home page. Just to set an expectation, though, it would delete your favorites, any other data you have added, and the apps themselves (TV and VOD). You may reinstall the apps in the App Store after this process.

I hope this would help. If this is happening on specific shows, please let us know to try to check from the server's end. 


Product: Superbox S2 Pro


  • Steve

    It works! THX

  • Henry Anderson

    Yes I spoke with one of your personnel last night and they did fix the one problem where I was not getting the TV guide on my TV’s because I said I set the timer wrong while I try to set it to the East Coast time but then it would knock it out but the other problem that I’m still having that they have not addressed yet is the freezing of the stations and it’s usually the cable stations not the movie stations but like CNBC Fox News AMC and a few others they would freeze for about 5 to 10 seconds and then go back to the programming and then about ten minutes later they would freeh’s again so I’ve done what you said by unplugging the Box turning it off I’m plugging the box from the wall let it reset itself and then it would work for about 6 hours and then go back to free

  • mike hill

    prison break keeps buffering on Vod

  • John Bach

    I can not stop the bad buffering on Shameless, I have tried hardwire verses wireless but the same issue. I am on Fibre 1Gbps so its not my internet. I tried the decode suggestion and just tried a factory reset, no fix. It is really bad on Shameless TV series. Not sure what else to try.

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