How to fix your Superbox S2 Pro Remote Control  | SuperBox™

If your Remote Control can not start up or sync with the Superbox, or you want to program your superbox remote,

Please forward the following set of instructions:

The problem with the remote when turning on will be updated, though it may take some time to apply to the entire system

In the meantime, please download the file through your computer if possible. Afterward, please save the zip file on your flash drive if you have one. You may then plug it in on the SuperBOX device through the USB port. Then on the home page, open the System Update (Apps > System Update). Once opened, press the "Cursor" button on the remote to navigate the arrow on the screen to the "Select File" option.

Finally, you need to select the flash drive folder and select the file you have downloaded. The system will automatically update afterward. Please note that it may take several minutes. Here's where to download the file:

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