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Is Superbox legal? -SuperBox

Feb 16,2023 | Superbox Team

Yes, Superbox is legal in the US. There have been several contemplations regarding the legality of the android TV box since its launch because the features used in the set-top box are mainly applicable for mobile phone devices. 

However, the company has declared that no one will have to face any legal issues for using the Superbox. But yes, if you are accessing digital channels without paying for the same, you will have to confront the legal department since streaming anything without having a subscription is a crime. 

So, before you stream anything over the internet through the android TV box, make sure you have the subscription license so that there will be no problem in the future. Rest assured, you can get the product on our website buy it from our site as it’s completely legal. 

All the TVs function on analog signals, which are nothing but functions of different waveforms like cosine, sine, alpha, etc. However, the signal transmitted to and from the broadcasting satellites revolving around the earth, contains digital data. Digital signals are very much different from analog signals since, in the former, information pieces are coded in numeric and alphabetical forms, like binary, hexadecimal, and others. 

How does broadcasting processes work in the early days?

In earlier days, the broadcasting stations present on earth received the digital signals, and they were converted into analog waveforms using DAC setups. After that, these analog signals were sent to the users via cable lines. The entire process proved to be not only cumbersome but also quite costly for setup. Moreover, due to the conversions happening at the broadcast stations, lags were introduced in the analog signals also, as these signals used to travel long distances, other waveforms having a similar frequency range used to cause distortions which is why people couldn't see the movies or shows with clarity. 

To overcome all these problems, the set-top box technology was invented. A set-top box is a mini-computer system that can transmit and receive digital signals directly from the broadcasting stations. These signals are then converted into analog waveforms, which are fed to the TV. Inside a set-top box, you will find several electronics systems like ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), amplifiers, bandwidth filters, and so on. All these combinations ensure that the signal your TV is receiving doesn't have any lagging or leading sections as well as no distortions. 

What are Android boxes?

In the US, the set-top boxes are known as Android boxes since they allow streaming channels that one can view only on devices having an operating system like laptops, mobiles, Xbox, and others. Several types of android boxes have been introduced over time, some having a wonderful set of features while some consisting of only the basic features. One such android TV box which has become quite popular in the recent time is Superbox S3 Pro. This version of the android box was launched in early 2024, and since then, it has become a hot topic of conversation. 

Lots of speculations have been formed regarding Superbox S5 Max, especially with its legality. That’s why in the upcoming discussion, we will shed light on several aspects of this android TV box, starting with the features to the legal policies, and so on. 

Superbox S5 Max: Introduction 

After the huge success of the Superbox S3 Pro, the company decided to upgrade the version to a completely new form- the Superbox S5 Max. It is an box which is why it can stream contents via the internet. So, you can now watch the normal broadcasting programs and other channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. 

With the launch of the Superbox S5 Max, live streaming of different channels has become much easier, especially for household purposes. Based on Android 12 OS, the box will allow you access to several new features with an intuitive UI. 

Superbox S5 Max: Components

The package consists of four main components, which you will require for setup and operation. These are:

Set-top box

The main component that you will receive in the package is the android TV box. It has a slim and compact design with a rectangular shape. At the front, there is a digital LED screen that shows the time. This is an amazing upgrade to the new version. Signals will be transmitted and received via the two slender antenna towers connected with the box at the opposite edge. These two antennas will allow you to connect to the router or the Wi-Fi connection, having a frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. Also, these antenna towers can be connected to the 6G network. This particular feature has made the Superbox S5 Max one of the best streaming devices in the US.  

HDMI cable

The next component which you will receive is an HDMI cable. It's very important because you need to connect the android TV box with the television. The function of the HDMI cable is to transmit the digital audio-video signals between the Android box and the television without sampling or causing any leading or lagging peaks in the signals. A delay of 2 to 3 seconds is allowable, which is very less in terms of the band of digital signals your TV will receive from the box. 

Remote control

To control the Android box, you will need a remote control present in the box itself. The remote control has an in-built sensor that will allow you to tune with the frequency bands of the box, thereby helping you control the streaming easily. This remote is similar to the normal ones, having buttons for changing the channels, altering the volumes, navigating through the screen, etc. You will need two AAA batteries to operate the controller. So, make sure you get the most durable ones from the market. 

Power supply

Without having a power supply, no appliance will work, not even the Superbox S5 Max. So, while setting up the box, make sure you plug in the power cord in the right port, which is present at the back of the box. Also, be sure that the power supply is properly earthed since without earthing, your android TV box might suffer as there is no in-built voltage regulator present inside. 

Superbox S5 Max: Features

Since now you are aware of the four major components present in the package, let's discuss the features which have made the Superbox S5 Max the best android TV box 2024 for home use. 

Dual connectivity antenna towers

The Superbox S5 Max comes with dual antenna towers for better transmission and receipt of signals from the internet. Therefore, you will be able to connect your set-top box with the usual 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth easily. However, along with this, you can also connect the box with a 5G network, making the TV box more versatile in terms of signal source connectivity. 

Enhanced heat radiation with cooling holes

The design of the android box has been enhanced as it is now equipped with a greater number of cooling holes. This will help better heat radiation into the air, thereby keeping all the electronic systems inside cool and at normal operating temperature. As the electronic circuits contain several temperature-sensitive elements, a slight increase in heat will introduce distortions in the signals, which is why the radiation system has been improved. 

Has playback features

One of the newest features that you will find in this Android Box is the 7-days playback feature. It means now you can easily stream a sports event or a news session that you saw previously within the last seven days. The playback feature is also extended to TV shows and movies, provided you are selecting the option while watching the telecast at present. 

Operates on Android 12 OS 

The set-top box operates on the latest OS version of Android Pie- Android 12 OS, which comes with some excellent features. For example, it comes with an adaptive brightness feature that will ensure that your TV display screen is visible properly with varying illumination levels in the room. Moreover, Android 12 is much faster and safer, thanks to the upgraded security protocols and algorithms. 

High storage capacity 

Like any other Android device, the Superbox S5 Max also comes with a large storage capacity. It has a RAM of 4 GB which is enough for live streaming over broadcasting channels and the internet. Besides, 32 GB storage ROM is available, which will become into play after downloading apps, games, music, images, and others. 

Superbox S5 Max

: Pros and Cons


· Comes with a fast-working microprocessor 

· Super easy setup and installation

· High in-built storage capacity 

· Supports 6K Ultra High Definition signals 

· Can playback any video from the past seven days


· Low RAM capacity for Android 12

· It can't be connected with gaming consoles


Final words

With the launch of Superbox S5 Max, the brand is getting a lot of appreciation, thanks to the new and advanced features being added to the new box. This is why it has been named the best android TV box 2021, which you should have for your home.


Linda Davis
Apr 18,2023
Will I need two boxes if I want to hook up two televisions?