How many channels does Superbox S2 Pro have?  -SuperBox™

Superbox TV has more than 1200 channels. It has 871 US channels, including 244 Network TV channels, 251 Regional Locals channels, 144 Sports channels, 117 24/7 channels, 115 Pay Per View channels.

There are 150 Professional Sports channels with 15 NBA channels, 16 MBL channels, 17 NFL channels, 86 NCAAF channels, 16 NCAAB channels.

You also get 130 Canadian channels, 105 Latino channels, 17 Philippine channels.

The 7 Days Playback feature is available on CNN, CNBC, FOX News Channel, PPV, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAAF. They are store in the cloud. You don't have to download or record. Just simply connect to your internet.

More detail in the following chart or our page

Superbox channelsSuperbox s2 pro

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