How is Superbox S2 Pro different from S1 Pro?

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Joining 2021, the latest version of Superbox has finally reached out to our customers. It has been more than 18 months since we launched Superbox S1 Pro in 2019. You might wonder what we have been doing in these 18 months.

First of all, we didn't just change its name to s2 pro and fit it into a separate box. We have been listening to our customers' feedback. Our customer service runs 24/7 so that we will be able to resolve the problem in time. Basing our customers' recommendations, we have made many product quality improvements from S1 to S2. Now, we are going to show you all the details!

New UI design

Customers would like to have a more easy operative interface. They don't have to be tech-savvy. So we simplified the design. The users can plug in and watch in 5 minutes by following the setup guide.
 Superbox S1 Pro User Interface

Superbox S2 pro user interface

7 days playback

Last year, our customers reported that they would like to replay some of the shows or sports. We pick the most popular news and sports channels and keep them on the cloud for seven days. It is our winning point in 2021 so that our customers would never miss any events.

Superbox S2 Pro 7 days Playback

Added Gear Icons 

 superbox 2 pro Gear IconsThe following Gear Icons are setting, Files, Speedup, Internet Speed test, Trash Can, and 24/7 customer service at the homepage's left corner.

The gear icon (Settings) lets you set up your SuperBOX.

For the files, the files from SuperBOX itself, and when you use flash drives, you can find it there.

The Speedup icon clears your browsing data, cookies, and Cached images and files immediately. It makes the streaming smoother and more secure.

Our recommendation for HD streaming is 25mps- 100mps. Please make sure your internet is fast enough to be no freezing and buffering while you are watching.

You can uninstall the selected app In the Trash icon.

We offer 24/7 customer service. If you have any technical problem regarding your box, please contact them.


System upgrade to Android 9.0

Last year, our customers complained about Superbox S1 Pro being outdated because it runs with Android 7.0, and some new Apps are not available. This year, our Superbox S2 Pro has upgraded to the latest version of Android 9.0. Right now, our system is compatible with more than 7,000 apps.

2T2R Dual Band WiFi  

Superbox S2 Pro Dual Band WIFI
Superbox S2 Pro has 2 transmitters and 2 receivers external antenna, while S1 only has one. With dual-band(2.4G+5G), our S2 streaming is 60% more stable and faster.

Real-time Transport Protocol

Rather than UI and outward, SuperBox S2 Pro has also improved the Real-time Transport Protocol(RTP) technology. It increases the output dynamic 4K HDR effect and sound quality.


In comparison SuperBox S2 Pro and S1 Pro, we appreciate the support from our customers. Without them, we would not have those ideas for our product's betterment. 

SuperboxSuperbox s2 pro

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