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How do I use VPN on Superbox?

Feb 16,2023 | Superbox Team

Setup VPN on Superbox allows you to browse any content you want without worrying about getting hacked or being attacked online in any way. The process is very simple. Aside from this, we will also share information on essential aspects of Android TV and its legality issues, and the importance of VPN

Why buy a Superbox?

In comparison to traditional TV setup boxes, a Superbox is a cheaper way to access a variety of entertainment content on your TV. Superbox allows you cut the cord and stream all kinds of content available on the web on your television screen. But make sure that you have good internet connectivity to enjoy its functionality at its best. 

Despite the fact that a Superbox device gives you access to numerous services that are not possible on a normal TV, chances of risks are still there. Hence it becomes crucial for users to take steps to secure their connection. In this case, what would be a better security option than installing a VPN? However, before installing VPN, you should learn about its importance and applications. 

Importance of VPN for your Superbox 

Let us see how VPN helps your Android TV: 

Allows you to prevent throttling

Usually, internet service providers tend to discriminate against specific data usage amounts or traffic. You must have noticed a drastic reduction in your internet speed when you try to stream many HD videos. 

An active VPN will hide your online activities; hence it will prevent your ISP from throttling your connectivity on the basis of the traffic amount you are generating. 


Gives access to location-locked content

Many beloved streaming services, provide free-of-cost content to streamers within their geographic region. So if you are someone who doesn't belong to the area under their radar, you are probably blocked from watching their content. Using a VPN to surf online allows you to connect with these sites via a proxy server. It will change your location to your desired country, eradicating the geographic restrictions. 

It saves you from legal liabilities

When you install add-ons to Android TV, you come under the risk of facing legal liabilities. In the majority of countries, it is technically illegal to use such add-ons. In this scenario, a VPN can be very helpful. It helps by covering your online tracks by adding encryption to data you transfer over a connection. All these benefits are enough for any Superbox user to install a reliable VPN. 

How to install and use VPN on your Superbox Android TV? 

Follow the below-given steps to install and use a VPN on your Superbox Android TV and enjoy a secure streaming service: 

  • Fill the registration form for the VPN service of your choice. Some of the popular ones are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc. 
  • Now open up the home screen of your Superbox Android TV. 
  • Next, go to your Google Play Store application on your Android device. Search for a VPN service of your choice. Make sure to go through all the details of your VPN service to ensure it is the right choice for your Android TV. For this, you can take a visit the official website of your VPN service app.
  • Once you are assured of your choice, click on the install button to download it on your Android TV device.
  • Further, the app will ask you to approve certain permissions that it will use. Click on the accept option. After a few seconds, the VPN service application will start its installation process on your Android TV box. 
  • Once the app is installed, move back to the home screen of your Android TV and look for the My Apps option. Once you find your VPN service application click on the option to launch it.
  • Now the VPN app will request you to provide your username and password. Here you have to provide the exact same user name and password that you created while signing up for the VPN service. Once confirmed, you will be logged in to the application. Here you can tap on the Remember Me check-box so that you will not have to enter your credentials again and again to use the application.
  • If you are using a VPN service for the first time, it might take you through a guide video. However, watching the tutorial is optional, and you can skip it if you want. Now move back to the homepage of your VPN service application and follow the provided instructions carefully. 
  • Once you finish, a status page will show up. Find the CONNECT button on the screen and click on it. It will connect your device to the VPN with default settings.
  • However, if you want to join the server of a particular country via your Superbox, then you will need to change your default settings. For this, find the menu bar and tap on the server option. Now you can choose the country of your choice, and the VPN will connect to the server of the desired location immediately. 
  • Once the VPN service connects you to the server, it will take you back to the status screen. Usually, when you are connected to a server, the green button on the status page turns red, and instead of the CONNECT option, it will show a DISCONNECT option. 
  • To check your online activity over your connection, you can look through the graph provided, usually at the lower portion of the status page. 
  • Your VPN service is all set to run. Now you can get back to the home screen of your Superbox Android TV and browse the content you want to watch safely. 


How does installing a VPN secure your Superbox Android TV?

Like your internet-connected computer poses security risks as cybercrime is rising rapidly, your Android TV box is also vulnerable to these risks. A VPN secures your Superbox by encrypting your online connectivity hence protecting your privacy from any third party. This is how it boosts the security of your connected TV box. Furthermore, it hides your viewing data from hackers and even prevents your ISP from gathering your browsing or viewing information. 

Aside from this, you also get to enjoy many benefits like improved internet speed and no ISP throttling. 


Legality issues regarding the use of Android TV boxes

When you decide to buy Android TV boxes, you will find a variety of configuration options in the market. For example, minimal boxes. These types of TV boxes come with an installed basic operating system onto the hardware. Another option you will often find is TV boxes that come with an installed media center software of the respective brand. Both these types are completely legal to use due to the legitimacy of the software in question. And, when it comes to Superbox Android TV, the models are available in both of these types. In fact, Superbox TVs come among the top brands that are legal for streaming content. 

However, illegal TV box types are also present in the market that you should be aware of. The pre-loaded Android TV boxes are the ones known to be problematic to use. This is because it comes with a number of add-ons already installed on the Android system. The issue here is that the legit TV box company never creates these kinds of add-ons. Instead, these are installed by other third-party developers. Some external add-ons like this enable users to access online content in an illegal manner. 

After learning about these legal problems, you might feel nervous about investing in these Android TV boxes. Also, watching illegal content via the Android box of any brand can mark you on the blacklist of the respective company. Although Superbox claims that users can browse any content without needing a VPN, it is better to secure yourself from the possibility of getting into any legal problem beforehand. 


With Superbox, users can bring an abundance of entertainment content to view in the comfort of their homes. However, the addition of a VPN to your Android system will enable you to enjoy not only the web contents of your country but also from global media. And the best thing about it is your actual location and other online activities remain hidden to any external entity, including your ISP. Additionally, if you want to utilize add-ons to your Android box, then having a legit VPN installed in the system becomes of utmost importance.  So, follow the above step-by-step guide to install and use a VPN on your Superbox Android TV. 


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